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'WavebeatsMusic' is an online brand in the Production Music Industry (also known as Library Music/Stock Music/Royalty-Free Music). It provides high-quality original music to content creators as well as production houses around the globe. In just a few years, 'WavebeatsMusic' has grown exponentially reaching over 15K+ music licenses sold in more than 160 countries, and has established a strong online presence and clientele. 

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You can download and purchase licenses for all WavebeatsMusic awesome tracks using the options below...

1. Contact me directly via email and let me know what track(s) you want to use (online shop coming soon!)
2. Become my patron and join the family. You will have access to all my tracks and much more...



...or you can get WavebeatsMusic tracks from the libraries below. Purchase licenses for individual tracks or download unlimited tracks via subscription plans - the choice is yours! Items include music tracks, logos, and packs.

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New promo videos are added to the YouTube channel every week to showcase the music in action and to inspire you...So you can see (and hear!) how awesome your videos can sound like!

Subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the bell sign so you won't miss when new videos go online!
48K+ Subscribers and 15M+ views

Upbeat Funk Background Music For Video [Royalty Free]
Upbeat Funk Background Music For Video [Royalty Free]
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Christmas Background Music For Video [Royalty Free]
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Upbeat Rock Background Music For Videos & Commercials [Royalty Free]
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Halloween Upbeat Funk Dance Party Background Music for Videos [Royalty Free]
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Halloween Background Music for Videos [Royalty Free]
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Upbeat Electronic Pop Background Music For Videos | Royalty Free
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Want to purchase the music in the video you are watching now? Easy!
(1)  Click on "YouTube" located inside the player   (2)  Click on the direct link in the video description 


If your video has received a copyright claim from HAAWK, that's absolutely fine, totally expected and there is nothing to worry about as claims do not affect your video and/or channel in any way. 
With a valid license, you can easily dispute the claim directly from your Youtube Studio or via the 'HAAWK claim release' form here. It takes two minutes and claims are removed within a few hours. 
You don't need to do anything if you don't plan to monetize your video or if you used the music for free and don't have a license.
If you need help, please email and they will assist you.
You can also contact me directly. I am always happy to help.

For more info please read the FAQ below. 
I have prepared a message explaining why I decided to protect my work and why you should always use
royalty-free music protected with Content ID in your videos. You can read it here.

  • How do I clear my video/remove the copyright claim?
    Just click on ‘dispute the claim’ inside your Youtube studio and make sure to type your license. That’s it! If you prefer, you can also do it via the HAAWK’s online claim release form here. It’s really easy and quick. However, if you have any issues, just email and they will help you. You can also email me directly at if you need.
  • How do I clear my video before it goes public?
    Easy! Just upload your video as usual but set it to 'unlisted'. Then wait a few minutes and you might see the copyright claim next to it. Dispute it, type the your license and just wait a few hours for the claim to be removed (remember to refresh the page). Then set the video to 'public'. That's it!
  • Why did I receive a claim, what happens and should I be concerned?
    Since all my tracks are registered with content ID, your videos may receive claims from HAAWK/Identifyy. This is an automated system and how the Youtube copyright algorithm works. There is nothing to be concerned about as claims do not affect your video and/or channel in any way! The only thing that might happen is that monetization (for that video only) may be turned off and ads will appear from time to time on your video. As for your channel, nothing happens to it.
  • What to do if I receive a copyright claim?
    If you used my music in your video and don’t have a license, you don't need to do anything. Leave the claim there and do not dispute it. Your video and channel will be perfectly fine, as explained above. If, however, you wish to monetize your video, then you need a license to remove the claim.
  • I used your music for free and got a claim, am I in trouble?
    No, of course not, your video and channel will not be affected negatively at all. However, expect some ads to be shown in your video and monetization (for that video only) will be turned off.
  • Are copyright claims bad for my channel?
    Absolutely not! There’s nothing to worry about, quite the opposite...a claim from the legal owner of the music (in this case, myself) is the best and only way to protect your videos from people fraudulently registering my music and then issuing false claims and strikes against your videos and channel.
  • Do I need clear my video?
    Not at all. You only need to remove the claim if you wish to monetize your video online. If you don’t plan to earn money from your video (monetize), you can choose to do nothing. Your video and channel will be just fine.
  • Why do you use content ID on your tracks?
    Firstly, to protect you and me from criminals illegally registering my music as theirs and then issuing random copyright strikes against our channels. And secondly, to have the legal rights to be able to help you if you ever need it. You see, if I don’t register my own tracks with content ID, anyone can! Yeap…anyone can! This would be a real nightmare for both of us since they could even demand Youtube to delete our videos and strike our channels! That’s why you should always use royalty-free music protected with content ID registered by the owner!
  • What’s the difference between a claim and a strike?
    There is a big difference. A claim is just an automated message by Youtube to let you know you are using protected music (tracks registered with content ID). A strike, however, is when the owner of the music decides to act against you, which can become more serious and affect your channel negatively. So, again: claims do not affect the status of your video/channel/account in any way! I will NEVER issue a strike, ever!
  • Can’t I just give you credit, use your music for free and still monetize my video?
    No, unfortunately, you can’t. According to international law, giving credit does not protect you from copyright infringement. You need a license to show YouTube and Google that you have the necessary rights to use the music in your productions. Otherwise, your videos cannot be monetized.
  • What is 'Content ID' and 'Rights Manager’?
    Content ID refers to the technology of adding a “digital fingerprint” to online content, in this case music, for recognition and tracking across YouTube (and places that YouTube content is used and embedded). Without this “digital fingerprint”, tracking legal and illegal use of copyrighted content would be impossible. “Rights Manager” works in the same way but for Facebook and Instagram.
  • What is Identifyy?
    Identifyy is the platform I chose to manage the content ID of all my work. They use digital fingerprint technology to track, manage and administer copyrighted material on behalf of content creators and copyright holders. Identifyy is part of HAAWK (created by the same founder of “AdRev”) and it is a YouTube/Facebook/Instagram fully verified and certified partner. Currently, they are one of the biggest players in protecting royalty-free music composers online.
  • What exactly is royalty-free music? And is it free?
    'Royalty-free' means that you don't have to pay any royalties once you have purchased a license. A one-time payment is enough, so you can use the track in your project forever without any additional payments. That's why this type of license is so popular these days. Please notice that 'royalty-free music' is NOT the same as 'free music'.
  • Where can I buy/download your music to use in my videos?
    Currently, you can get access to all my tracks from the following platforms/music libraries: Patreon (membership), Audiojungle (licenses), Motion Array (downloads) and Pond5 (licenses/downloads). I will be launching a brand new website in 2023 with an amazing online shop so you will be able get your favourite WavebeatsMusic tracks and support my work directly without the middle man!
  • How many license types are there and which one should I buy (Audiojungle)?
    There are 5 license types you can purchase from the store (Audiojungle). From the least to the most expense they are: Standard, Broadcast (1 million), Mass Reproduction, Broadcast (10 million) and Broadcast & Film. In order to choose the right one for your project, please read this:
  • Can I use the same track in multiple videos (Audiojungle)?
    The quick answer is no. So, in most cases one license covers the use of the music in one video (single end-product). However, in certain cases multiple use might be allowed. It depends on a few factors such as the nature and specific content of each video, how long apart they will be released, among others...For more info please visit the Envato's license guideline and go to "what is a single application?” This link will take you directly there: Envato License Guideline. I understand that guidelines are not perfect and there is always room for slightly different interpretations of what constitutes a 'single end-product'. Please contact me if you are not sure.
  • Where can I find my license (Audiojungle)?
    Login to your Audiojungle (or any Envato Market) account and click on the downloads tab. Then, locate the track you have purchased. Next to it, click on “Download”. You will have the option to download the license file as a PDF or (.txt).
  • What CAN'T I do with your music?
    These are the things you definitely CANNOT do: - You can NOT claim the music as your own. - You can NOT sell the music anywhere. - You can NOT remix the music without my consent. - You can NOT write lyrics to the tracks and upload on streaming platforms without my consent.* * If you wish to write lyrics to any of my tracks and upload to Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, me first to discuss.
  • Can I write lyrics to your tracks and upload on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc...?
    The answer is, yes you can...and I love that you liked the track so much that you even wrote lyrics to it. But you MUST contact me first as there are specific 'terms & conditions' and unique licenses for this type of use.
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