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'WavebeatsMusic' is an online brand in the Production Music Industry (also known as Library Music/Stock Music/Royalty-Free Music). It provides high-quality original music to content creators as well as production houses around the globe. In just 5 years, 'WavebeatsMusic' has grown exponentially reaching over 14K+ music licenses sold in more than 160 countries, and has established a strong online presence and clientele. 

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You can get WavebeatsMusic tracks from the libraries below. Purchase licenses for individual tracks or download unlimited tracks via subscription plans - the choice is yours! Items include: music tracks, logos, and packs (collections of tracks bundled together)

BRAND NEW: You can now get the same music on Patreon! There are so many benefits for's amazing!
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New promo videos are added to the YouTube channel every week to showcase the music in action and to inspire you...So you can see (and hear!) how awesome your videos can sound like!

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41K+ Subscribers and 11M+ views

Cinematic Background Music For Videos | Royalty Free
Cinematic Background Music For Videos | Royalty Free
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Upbeat Hip Hop Background Music for Videos | Royalty Free Music
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Upbeat Pop Summer Music for Videos | Royalty Free Background Music
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Electronic Corporate Digital Technology [Royalty-Free Background Music]
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Upbeat Cool Pop Retro Funk Music for Videos [Royalty-Free Background Music]
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Real Estate Corporate Royalty-Free Background Music | Indie Folk
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Want to purchase the music in the video you are watching now? Easy!
(1)  Click on "YouTube" located inside the player   (2)  Click on the direct link in the video description 


If your video has received a copyright claim from HAAWK, that's absolutely fine, totally expected and there is nothing to worry about as claims do not affect your video and/or channel in any way. 
With a valid license, you can easily dispute the claim directly from your Youtube Studio or via the 'HAAWK claim release' form here. It takes two minutes and claims are removed within a few hours. 
You don't need to do anything if you don't plan to monetize your video or if you used the music for free and don't have a license.
If you need help, please email and they will assist you.
You can also contact me directly. I am always happy to help.

For more info please read the FAQ below. 
I have prepared a message explaining why I decided to protect my work and why you should always use
royalty-free music protected with Content ID in your videos. You can read it here.

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Henrique Dib is an award-winner composer, musician, producer and educator based in Sydney, Australia. His passion for music, composition and improvisation goes beyond explanation. 
As a composer, Henrique writes music for all forms of screen media and concert music including electroacoustic experimental music.  His music has been performed in several countries including Australia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, China, France, Finland and Brazil. As a musician, Henrique is a trained classical/jazz pianist & keyboard player. He also plays the piano accordion, the Handpan and a few other instruments. He performs regularly as a freelancer musician in several bands as well as a solo artist both in Australia and overseas. As an educator, Henrique has over 20 years of experience in teaching jazz piano, composition, music production and improvisation. He teaches both online and at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (USYD).

In 2017, in search of new challenges, Henrique made the decision to become an online media composer and to step into the world of Production Music for video and media. So he started a new project called "WavebeatsMusic",  an online brand dedicated to providing high-quality original music to video content creators as well as production houses around the globe. In just 5 years this project has grown exponentially reaching over 13K+ music licenses sold in more than 160 countries, has established a strong online presence and clientele, and has become Henrique's main line of work today.

For more info about Henrique's screen work click below